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5.17.2006: New address is here: (link)
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5.14.2006: Thanks for everyone who has left a comment. Yes, I admit my English is "ridiculous" and my "lake" of English is obvious, and I'll try to improve it as much as I can. Tomorrow I'll make another weblog in Persian in where I may get your help in correcting my English before I post any entries here. But for now being, I would like to hear your opinions on similarities between Hasan Abbasi and Rev. Hoder: except for that both have only high school degrees and are lying about their educational background, and for trying to get publicity by attacking other cultural and political figures, and finally that both of them have a sexual understanding of cultural and civil dialogues and relations.

Hoder in Action


Hoder in Action Video sent by hoderwatch

Please read these post before you see this movie:

Visiting Israel, breaking a major taboo, By Hoder

Focusing only on Iranian-Israeli realations, again Hoder. And then enjoy how he breaks and focuses!

Hoder's claim

Today Hoder, linking to this weblog, claimed that he was aware his travel to Israel would not be without such implications. Here is my first comment on Lisa Goldman’s weblog, his Israelis hostess, after that Hoder again didn’t publish my comments, questioning why he lies about the number of his reader. What I want to remind to Hoder is that his lake of respect to his readers is the reason I’m writing these note, not traveling to Israel and making such historical videos. I, as a person who had followed his blog and efforts almost from the very beginning and was very active in promoting his weblog to other people, was shocked when I tried to post a comment for the first time. It was simply deleted. How is it possible that those comments full of f* words are allowed, but if someone tries to show some inconsistency in his ideas and writings, then he deletes them? I reminded to him in that comment that while he condemned every kind of censorship, then why did he try to stop another blogger and finally shot down his weblog and then victoriously celebrating it?

Hoderwatch and Hoder

Hoder has linked to this blog (thanks anyway) and says that he knew his travel to Israel won't be without such implications. Well. Today I'll put a few more videos showing me commenting on his weblog and as usual those comments were never published. All of them were written long before he went to Israel. Then you can decide for yourselves if they were " malicious" or not? or his travel to Israel has anything to do with this blog.

Correcting dictionaries: malicious comments (1)


Malicious comments (1) Video sent by hoderwatch

Hoder disapproves the comments which are "malicious". This comment written by hoderwatch on his english weblog ( read hoder's post), has not been published by this moment, thus a malicious comment for Hoder! The comment was:
"First of all thanks a lot you try to correct those misundrestanding.But when it comes to your claim about being interrogated by Information Ministry in Iran, as you mentioned in a response to one of your critics,that his claims were based on unprovable rumors and hearings. If I understand you well, then your claims are provable. In fact in your response you mentioned that Mr. Abtahi and a high-ranking diplomat in Canadian embassy knew all about interrogation. Wasn't it YOU who was the only source of this event to Mr. Abtahi or the diplomat in the embassy? I hope your informative responce will help us to find out what exactly happened."

Why this blog?

5.10.2006: Is it really serious? Do we need Hoderwatch? Your answer depends on how much you know Hossein Derakhshan. But for me, as once his longtime devoted and faithful reader, the answer is “NO”! But since it was Hoder himself who learned a lot of his readers, including me, to open an account in, and then again it was him who urged his readers to blog and write in English so that people in west as well as western media, can get a more realistic and vivid view of what and how Iranian people think and want, I was compelled to have a weblog. But as you’ve already read my poor English, then you can guess why I’ve been reluctant to have any blog in English. Since one can say much about Hoder and since I need to practice my English somewhere, so it won’t be a bad idea to show my gratitude by criticizing him. I hope Hoder will understand how much he was succeed in encouraging his readers to have their own voices by creating weblogs. I’ve not met him in person and all my knowledge about him comes only from his Persian and English weblogs as well as writings on him by other bloggers.

He has been called "the Iranian weblog pioneer", "Iranians weblogs’ godfather" and the one who created a script to allow Iranian to create weblogs ( Hoder explains that their claim on hoder creating a system or script is simply because of misunderstanding).

What dose NOT this weblog intends to do?

I don’t want to claim that his efforts have been useless or try to underestimate his roll in developing Iranian blog community. In fact if hoderwatch can show what a liar person he is and what a dirty tricks he uses to get publicity and how he uses other people as a mere mean to reach his goals, then at the same time proves that he has been succeed to persuade his readers, as I’m one of them, to be active and try to find and tell the truth eagerly.

Hoder's fact sheet

5.03.2006: 1: He has never ever created a system for making weblogs. What he has done,was writing an instruction on how to create persian weblogs in blogger.

2: He was not forced to leave Iran and live in exile. He immigrated to Canada simply because his second wife was an in-Canada-born Iranian-Canadian citizen. He divorced her as soon as he got his canadian citizenship.

3: He is not a student in University of Toronto. In fact he was once and left his studies unfinished in 2004.

4: He has never ever had 20,000 daily readers. At his best flourishing blogging days and before his weblog was filtered and before asking people to subscribe to his post by emails, he had only 6,000 daily hits(not unique readers).

More facts comming soon

Hoder in Israel

Hoder in his own-claimed taboo breaking journey to Israel, to make a again-his-claimed dialogue among civilizations! in action, accomplished his job very well!

p.s: Hoder has made the video private. You can see it here

Hoder's fact sheet

He was not forced to leave Iran and live in exile. He immigrated to Canada simply because his second wife was an in-Canada-born Iranian-Canadian citizen. He divorced her as soon as he got his canadian citizenship continue